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Fibet Rubber Bonding(UK) Ltd

Unit 9 Dale Mill, Hallam Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 8AN.


The company's important presence on the automotive market as reliable co-designer comes from its well-established experience and its proven capacity in solving problems of both acoustic and mechanical isolation, starting with the simulation and calculation to the validation and project expedition.

Engine, gearbox, differential mounts

A highly interesting field from a design point of view, it is explored with highly advanced methodologies of calculation (FEM/CAD CAM) and experimental checking (Triaxle characterization, Functionality and Durability). This is a product type which occupies a place of primary importance in the FIBET productions.

Suspensions bushes

Owing to their peculiar design, the Fibet suspensions bushes can give many advantages in numerous applications, providing the ability to extend service life of suspension components. They include products with an international patent in order to solve customer's toughest problems.

Stabiliser bar bushes and pendulums

Among the major world producers of such accessories, FIBET have engineered and produced bushes of various types (Steel insert, Slippy, Target stiffness. etc.) and custom made pendulums for prestigious brands for over twenty years.

Leaf springs bushes and buffers

Characterised by numerous and various design and product technologies, they provide a good reduction of vibrations and high comfort. Utilised worldwide, Fibet leaf springs bushes and buffers are particularly suitable for industrial vehicles.