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Fibet has the widest range of Engine Mounts on the market, with sizes and load capacities to suit all requirements. They are designed to be easily installed, and are offered as standard with an integral fail safe device to provide shock and failure protection – limiting any damage to the application or the Mounts. The Fibet range of Engine Mounts is so large that we are able offer replacements inplace of the vast majority of existing mounts that are at the end of their natural working life. They are designed for use on engines, generators, machines, pumps, compressors – or any other device that requires the isolation of vibration from the application, to the position it is secured to. They have a Bell shaped top section, which provides a number of key design functions, which includes protection of the Rubber element from chemical/ oil spillages or contamination. They also act to spread the load being applied, and finally are a key factor in providing a fail safe functionality. To increase their suitabilities for certain applications, we also offer a range of Height Adjuster Kits, which enable the Mounts to be assembled and adjusted to suit the specific installation where there are uneven floors. Fibet can also offer a non fail safe version of Engine Mount – where costs are the key driver in Mount selection. Please refer to the BL range summarised below for further information.

Bobbin Mounts – VV/VD/DD/GV/GD

A complete range of mounts which can be used for any application that requires the isolation of vibration. Fibet has the widest range of Bobbin Mounts on the market, with sizes, securing options ( Male, Female or combination) and load capacities to suit all requirements. They can be used in compression, shear or both – where there are no requirements for fail safe functionality, and are therefore a low cost solution to solve any vibration issues. Part of the range includes waisted bobbins – with a reduced centre diameter, which increase the flexibility of the Mounts to suit certain specific applications. Fibet also has a range of Bobbin Mounts with increased protection via integral caps – which are useful in hostile environments. Please refer to the AMS range below for further information.

General – SEM/SW/ZT

Fibet offer a significant range of other types of Mounts for use on any application that are not covered within the specific ranges shown on this page. Our SEM range are an excellent solution for light duty applications, including measuring equipment, instruments or other equipment. Our SW sandwich mounts, can be used for a number of applications and are primarily used to isolate the transmission of noise and vibration in vertically applied loads.

Universal Mounts – CGM/CTC/FBF/T

Our universal range of Mounts are able to be used for a significant number of applications that require a fail safe functionality. The applications that these products can be used in are so extensive that the best option if to review our .pdf file of this range to see how it can be accommodated in your application. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us to guide you through the best solution.

Cone Mounts – CN/CNA/TE

Fibets' Cone range of Engine Mounts are designed to isolate vibration in all three axes – if necessary with different loads in each direction to ensure the optimum isolation throughout a wide range of frequencies. They have a high load carrying capacity within a compact size, that assures a stable solution for a wide range of applications. These include mounting cabs of trucks, commercial or car engines, radiators or even vehicle bodywork – and provide a fail safe functionality that also acts as overload protection to manage excessive g forces. They can also be used where the heights of Mounts are critical, as they are designed so that there is minimum protrusion between the securing mount position – and the underside of the element to be isolated.

Resilient End Stops – VE/VP/DE/DP/GVE/GDE

Fibet offer a wide range of end stops, with sizes, shapes, securing options ( Male or Female) and load capacities to suit all requirements. They are designed to provide progressive absorption to prevent shock or overloading. They can be used in a wide variety of applications – either to prevent overloads, or as feet to prevent transmission of vibration into the adjoining areas

Air Movement Mounts – VVTC/ SG

Fibet VVTC & SG Mounts are the best low cost solution for a wide range of air movement products. They are designed with high damping capabilities in the medium – high frequency range, to reduce noise ( product & transient), and vibration levels of any air movement products ( including air-conditioning, traditional ventilation or MVHR systems), dramatically improving the local environment for occupants, users & neighbours. The Mounts are easy to install and are offered in a wide range of kits, which include Mounts, Nuts & Washers to suit any system requirements.

Engine Mounts – VBL/DBL/VBLR/DBLR

Fibet have an extensive range of Bell shaped Engine Mounts which are designed to be fail safe to prevent damage either to the application, or the Mount under acute loads. However, at times, where cost is a major factor in the application – and there are no concerns regarding a fail safe functionality, our BL range of Engine Mounts are an excellent – low cost alternative. These Mounts are designed in a wide range of sizes, securing options and capacities to suit every application – whether it be for compressors, or for large generators. Where the loads are high, we also offer stiffer variants in these products, which have a metal interleaf within the Rubber to increase their operational capacity.

Protected Head Bobbin Mounts - AMS

Our standard range of Bobbin Mounts are excellent in solving vibration problems in the majority of applications. However, there are also times where the applications are hostile, and therefore Fibet designed a range of AMS Bobbin Mounts for this particular issue. Their design is patented, and is intended to work in compression, shear or even traction if required. These Mounts are extremely versatile, and have a simple design and construction to allow their use in a wide variety of applications.

Height Adjusters - KIT

A large number of our products can be fitted with our Height Adjusters which provides the installer with increased options in terms of the siting of their application. These height adjusters can be used with our Bell Mount range, our Engine Mount range or even our Bobbin Mount range. Our height adjusters are available in various sizes and are supplied complete with lock washers & nuts for correct installation and adjustment.